Just ahead of their two year birthday celebration in July, event registration and ticketing software Weemss has announced plans to begin transformation into a unified all-in-one platform for all event types, beginning with the release of the company’s new Awards Management service.

Weemss Awards Management gives you the tools to organize and manage virtually any type of awards competition or contest, no matter the scale or requirements. That includes handling of registrations, entry submissions, voting, as well as detailed statistics and reports.

“In one of the densest markets in the industry and with no outside funding, in the first quarter of 2016 we’ve achieved a 35% growth increase compared to the previous quarter. The positive reception to our product motivated us to add the Awards Management service and to grow Weemss – from an event registration and ticketing software, to a true unified event management platform.” commented Ovanes Ovanessian, CEO and co-founder of Weemss.

Next in line for launch is Reserved Seating capability, which will allow venues and event organizers to create seating plans for events and let customers pick their seats. Further ahead the company plans to add modules for Expo Registration and Repeating Events.


Officially launched in 2014 as an event registration and ticketing software, Weemss today is a unified platform for event registration, ticketing, awards management, reserved seating and expo registration. The company’s aim is to cover all events of any size, as Weemss is already the prefered solution for 1000+ event organizations, in 70+ countries on 6 continents and its popularity continues to grow rapidly. Find out more at weemss.com

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