March 25 2017

Barcelona, Spain: Today, event management platform Weemss unveiled their redesigned registration form. The new look adds a modern and sleek aesthetic to the ticket-buying experience – an embeddable and completely customizable registration form that works on every personal or mobile device.

“We worked really hard on this because the way people buy a ticket for an event is extremely important. It is the first impression the customer gets of that event and it shapes their perception from that point on. That’s what makes this update so exciting and we think our clients will feel the same way.” said O. Ovanessian, CEO of Weemss Ltd.

The redesign brings many improvements to the ticket-buying experience. All marketing elements are now more prominent, clear, and enticing in order to encourage action from the potential customer. Extra customization options were added for seamless integration and a consistent visual language with any website. The software code has also been optimized to work faster than ever.

This update comes shortly after the company did a full infrastructure update to increase security, speed and reliability of the platform. Approaching its third year on the market, Weemss continues to gain popularity among event organizers and the developer team promises more great features and services in the coming months.