Sell party tickets online

Weemss is a powerful event platform that helps you create, promote, sell, and manage parties of all types and sizes.

Sell conference tickets online

Weemss is a powerful event platform that helps you create, promote, sell, and manage parties of all types and sizes.

Event registration and management for party events

Sell conference tickets online

Weemss is a powerful event platform that helps you create, promote, sell, and manage parties of all types and sizes.

Trusted by 1000+ customers in over 70 countries.

How it works?

  • Registration form

    Drag, drop, and voilà – your form has required fields, waivers, questions, and anything you want to add.

  • Website

    Build a sleek web page for your party with just a few clicks, or embed Weemss directly in your own site!

  • Marketing

    Boost sales with dynamic marketing tools, smart features and best-practice selling methods, like an e-commerce giant!

  • Check-in

    Multiple doors, areas, days, and groups to handle - attendee check-in with Weemss is always a breeze.

  • Analytics

    Track detailed statistics and sales reports in real time, so you can improve at any time and all the time.

The Rolls-Royce of event management solutions


Kiss your spreadsheets goodbye! Create an event in minutes, automate for maximum efficiency.


Powerful features that help you get better results, minimize stress, and eliminate errors.


Our engineers designed Weemss to be a joy to use, then our event experts optimized it further.


We work with the top names in the biz to bring a secure solution to you and your customers.

Receive money instantly

You receive money right away, directly to your account, without a middleman.

Own your data

You are the sole owner of all data, we won’t contact or market to your customers ever.

Works with your website

Embed the registration form on your own website, or use Weemss to create a page for the event.

Always a top notch experience for your customers

It’s quick, it’s sleek, it’s mobile-friendly. Your customers will love it!

Design interactive floor plans for your party

Building floor plans and seating charts made easy. Sections, rows, tables, booths, texts, seat labeling, it’s all there!


Total registration management at your fingertips

We know how much you like buttons and Weemss has a button for everything! So you can manage everything like a boss.

200+ Markets Supported

Translated in 40+ Languages

Translate your event processes in the language of your audience, with a single mouse click.

Accept Payments Globally

Accept payments from anywhere. Receive money right away and straight to your own account!

Choose from 160+ Currencies

Work with every currency you can think of, automatic currency conversion where needed.

700+ apps integration

Connect Weemss to your favourite apps and services on the web.

Multilayer security

Your data and that of your customers is protected by multiple security layers.

Instantaneous support

We are always happy to help, or discuss the meaning of life with you!


Your events, own them exclusively for a change!

Easy setup

Unlimited events, organizations, co-workers

Create as many organizations and events as you like, then add as many people to your teams to help with the workload.

Any scenario covered

We know every party is different. It’s why Weemss covers any scenario – general admission, reserved seating and single registration!

40+ languages and 160+ currencies

Localize the online processes for your party in two clicks. Choose from 40+ languages and 160+ currencies worldwide!

Drag & drop form builder

Drag, drop, and voilà – your registration form has the required fields, descriptions, waivers, participant questions, or any other field you need.

Ticket categories

It takes less than 10 seconds to create a ticket category and set various rules like ticket quantity, old and current price, order limit, etc.

Payment methods

Add PayPal, debit and credit card payments, bank transfers, Bitcoins and more! All the options you need to sell anywhere across the globe.


Easy webpage builder

Don’t have a website? No problem – use our webpage creator to craft a webpage for your party in no time!

Embed registration form

You can embed Weemss directly on your own website – it’s like a YouTube video, only it’s a ticket shop.

Mobile friendly

Not only works, but also looks great on smartphones, tablets and any other personal or mobile device!

Reserved seating

Custom seating charts

Easily build your floor plans and seating charts with sections, rows, tables, automatic seat numbers, booths, and text.

Seating plan for your website

A completely interactive seating chart for your own website, where you control its appearance and behavior!

Mobile-friendly at every step

Customers get to reserve their seats from their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other personal or mobile devices.

No double reservations

Seats are tracked at all times and the seating chart is always up-to-date with booked seats, so no more double reservations and angry faces.

Marketing tools

Conversion triggers

Persuade potential buyers into making a purchase with dynamic visual notifications and sale triggers on the registration form.

Special offers

Everyone loves a good deal. Create special offers to increase sales and give potential participants truly great value.

Promo codes

Attract new clients with customized promotional codes and create loyalty programs for easy customer retention.

Cross the price

Use the crossed price feature to show both the old price and the new and improved one right on the registration form. Simple and effective.

Unfinished registrations

The registration form tracks even unfinished registrations for you, so you can export the data and try to make these sales happen!

Manage registrations

Billing settings

Collect all the information you need to issue invoices. Make it required or optional – fast, convenient, and completely secure.

Registration management

Add, delete, cancel registrations, edit information, add payments, change categories and prices hassle-free. You control everything!

Automated emails

Use automated emails and confirmation messages to keep participants always in the know.


Ticket categories

It takes less than 10 seconds to create a ticket category and set various rules like ticket quantity, old and current price, order limit, etc.

Upload ticket template

Upload your own ticket design and choose which pieces of information you want on it.

Personal registration link

Attendees get their own personal link where they can view their registration details and information about the event.

Self-service ticketing

Each buyer gets their own PIN-protected profile with event info, payment details, and downloadable tickets.


Super fast check-in

Lightning fast check-in process makes event queues disappear mysteriously!

Custom check-in groups

Whether you have multiple doors, areas, days, and groups to handle attendee check-in is always a breeze.

Plug & play compatible

Any plug and play barcode scanner will work – just connect it and you’re all set!

Intelligent search

No barcode scanner? Don’t worry, manual check-in is almost as fast and just as easy!

Powerful tools

Clone an event

Create a copy of your existing event in Weemss with a single click, then adjust the settings and it’s a new one ready to go Live in seconds!

Quick search and easy navigation

Built for convenience, ease of use, speed. The lightning-fast search function allows you to find every piece of event data in nanoseconds!

700+ Apps & integrations

Connects to 700+ apps and services on the web to get more work done in less time.

Team collaboration

No need for internal emails and long meetings – team communication, link management, and registration messages are all in-app!

Analytics & Export

Sales analytics

Track real-time statistics and reports on your key performance indicators, so you can keep improving all the time!

Export reports

You are the sole owner of all data. Export it when you need it – even data from unfinished registrations!

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you can easily track orders, visits, and goals.

Let Weemss do the heavy work

No credit card required upon registration