The Ultimate Guide to Organizing an Awards Competition

Since the dawn of time…

the craftsmanship of a good online awards competition was shrouded in mystery. At Weemss we see this as an excellent opportunity to shed some light, provide priceless insight (no kidding, the book is free) and invaluable service to the event community.

Table of Contents

  • CHAPTER 1: Why Organize an Awards Competition?
  • CHAPTER 2: How to Make it Work?
  • CHAPTER 3: Creating, Promoting and Selling Entry Categories
  • CHAPTER 4: Awards Marketing 101
  • CHAPTER 5: You’ll Need the Right Tools
  • CHAPTER 6: The Boring Stuff – Know your T’s and C’s
  • CHAPTER 7: Final Words

Image credits: Leahcim Nhoj | Some rights reserved