Organizing Events on a Zero Budget

Organizing Events on a Zero Budget

by Ovanes Ovanessian

Organizing Events on a Zero Budget is a book about… well about organizing events first and foremost. On a zero budget or not we’ve made sure there’s something in there for everyone, whether you’re a rookie, an experienced experientialist, or simply exploring the idea of getting into the business of organizing events.

Tick-purple  16 ProTips
Tick-purple  64 Quick Tips
Tick-purple  How to refine your event concept
Tick-purple  How to Know Your Event Audience and Why You Need to
Tick-purple  How to negotiate ANYTHING for your event
Tick-purple  How to create a website that helps you sell more
Tick-purple  How to publicise your event at no cost
Tick-purple  The best tools to help with the event organization
Tick-purple  Everything you need to know about the art of selling tickets