You would need some technical background to integrate this code.

Use the Weemss tracking code to track registrations and pass them along to your Affiliate, Analytics, Marketing or any other 3rd party software.

This code will allow you to track completed registrations and will pass the following data:

  • Event ID
  • Event name
  • Registration ID
  • Payment status
  • Price
  • Currency

The code to track a completed registration looks like this:

    WeemssTracking.registerCallback(‘registrationCompleted’, function(data) {

       // do something with the provided data


“data” is a JSON object that contains information about the event. For example:

eventId: 9999999,
eventName: ‘Summer festival’
registrationId: 19123
paid: true,
price: ‘100.41’
currency: ‘EUR’


Important! This code needs to go below your Weemss integration code and below the code that initializes your trackers (Google Analytics, Facebook pixel etc.). Putting this code last (just before </body>) is a safe bet.