The Main menu is located in the upper right corner of your browser window and provides access to all Organization and user Profile settings. Clicking on the menu will expand it and reveal additional information and actions.


My profile
Clicking My profile allows you to change the email address and password you use to log in to Weemss, or add a picture to the profile. You can also change your name if for some reason you don’t like the old one!

In Notifications you can tell Weemss if you wish to receive email notifications about new event registrations for each of your organizations. Choose Never if you do not want us to inform you about new registrations, or select As it happens to be notified about every new registration.

Weemss can be connected to over 500 other popular apps and services on the web via Zapier. This allows you to automate almost any task triggered by a new registration or new payment in Weemss.

  • Add or Update contacts in your email marketing or CRM software (Mailchimp, Hubspot CRM, Salesforce, etc.)
  • Automatically create invoices (Xero, Quickbooks, Freshbooks, etc.)
  • Create tasks in your project management software (Trello, Asana, Basecamp, etc.)
  • Update your Slack, Google Sheets, Podio, or any of the other 500+ apps

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If you are the owner of an organization in Weemss, you’ll see the Billing settings on the Main menu. Please, go there and add a valid billing account. Click on the Add button and fill in the required fields. Don’t worry your credit card security is not at risk – we do not keep any credit card information on our servers. All payments are handled by Braintree (a PayPal company) Payments – Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider. 
Information on how to set your your billing settings can be found here.

Your events
If you have one or more upcoming events in Weemss they will be listed on the Main menu under the organization they belong to. Clicking on an event will make it the currently active event and show the Event menu. The status of your events is also indicated with a color next to the name of the event – green for Live mode and red for Test mode.

Organization menu and settings
Each of your organizations in Weemss has its own settings and Organization menu, accessed by clicking the name of the organization on the Main menu. There you can see the activity tab, view all events, adjust general settings, add co-workers to your team, and add new email addresses for use with the Send address and Reply to settings in Event settings > Automatic emails > Send options.

Create Event / Organization
At the bottom of the Main menu we’ve put the weemss-button-create-event (Create event) and weemss-button-create-organization (Create organization) buttons for your clicking pleasure.