Creating a web portal for your events is more important than ever. With Weemss you can either create one using our excellent in-app webpage builder or embed the registration form directly into your own site. Either way we’ve got the perfect solution for you and it’s right there on the Event menu!


Here are a few key things you probably want to know:

  • The personal Registration profile, sent to event participants, will adopt the look and use the information you set in Website > Event webpage, so you should set it up even if you are integrating Weemss on your own site. This will give a very stylish look to your event and is another chance for you to impress your customers.
  • You can embed Weemss into your own website with a simple copy-paste of the code found in Website > Integration code.
  • You can add a call to action (CTA) button at the top of the Event webpage that takes the participant directly to the registration form. The CTA is a strong performer and we recommend that you use it always!
  • If your event is held at a venue you can give its exact geolocation, which will be displayed on a Google map at the bottom of the Event webpage. To find the coordinates of a place:
  1. Use Google Maps to locate the venue first
  2. Right-click on it
  3. Select “What’s here?”
  4. The coordinates will appear in or under the search box depending on your version of Google Maps.