weemss-button-draw Draw allows you to build your floor plan and seating chart quick and easy.

Select – the select tool allows you to select multiple elements from the floor plan and duplicate or delete them quick and easy. Floor plans come with some pre-added elements for extra convenience, depending on the type of chart you’ve chosen in the previous step. If you want to create your floor plan or seating chart completely from scratch, use the Select tool to mark everything and Delete it!

Rows – use to add a new row to the floor plan. After you add a row you can click on it to flip it both vertically and horizontally, duplicate it, and even make it curvy like Beyonce.

Tables – use to add tables to the floor plan. Choose between round tables or rectangular. After you add a table you can click on it to change the number of chairs, insert open spaces, change its size, rotate it, etc.

Booths – use to add booths to the floor plan. You can adjust the size for the new booth, as well as rotate and duplicate.

Texts – add text. For example type STAGE in front of the rows.

Shapes – add circles or rectangles to the floor plan. For example put a rectangle around the text that says STAGE! Again, clicking on the newly created shape lets you adjust various things like its dimensions, colors, stroke size, etc.

GA – use to indicate a General Admission area on your floor map, if there’s going to be one.