Once you’ve gone through all event settings it’s time to take your event out for a test drive. Testing is particularly important, especially if you’re a new Weemss user, because it’s always possible that you’ve missed something and, you know, better safe than sorry!

Start the test by opening the Event webpage, which is automatically added to the event Quick links on the Dashboard. You’ll notice a message that says the ticket shop is in test mode – do not be alarmed, that’s because you are still in Test mode.

Go through the whole registration process. When you’re done you should have a confirmation mail in your inbox, with a link to your registration profile and be the proud owner of a downloadable ticket for your own event.

Did everything work as intended? If yes – congratulations, your event is ready to go Live!

Switching to Live mode means you are ready to start making sales and since our success is tied to your success, we want to help you achieve maximum results from the get-go. Weemss offers a number of tools designed specifically to help you sell more tickets.