When you open a registration you can see some additional information about it in the Registration info box. The important thing here is the personal Registration profile link and the PIN (Personal Identification Number) code beneath it.


Registration profile
The Registration profile is created automatically for every event registration. Once a ticket buyer registers they are sent a confirmation email along with the link to their personal profile and the generated PIN code needed to access it. You can also open these registration profiles from the Registration info box by clicking on the link provided there.


PIN code
The PIN code, which adds an extra layer of security for end-users, is directly beneath the link so you might want to copy it first and then paste into the necessary field.


As previously stated the registration profile will adopt the look and use the information from the event webpage. Any changes you make in Website > Event webpage will also reflect on the personal registration profiles for your event. So if you’re not satisfied with how they look you can always do some adjustments!