Weemss offers a complete check-in solution for your events. You can create and customize everything to fit your needs and handle any check-in scenario at the event. This is done from Check-in on the Event menu.

Check-in lists explained

When you create an event, a check-in list is also created. That list is automatically populated with everyone who buys a ticket for the event. But you can create your own check-in lists, as well as manage the existing ones. These lists allow you to handle pretty much every check-in scenario. For example, if you have a higher tier tickets, let’s call them Balcony (for the balcony seats in a theatre), use the weemss-button-new-checkin-list button to create a new list and in the Ticket category field assign to it the Balcony category. On the day of the event, the person from your staff at the entry point to the balcony seats will choose that list and only check-in people who have a Balcony ticket.

Another example, if you are organizing a 2-day conference, you can use the weemss-button-new-checkin-list (New check-in list) button to create a check-in list for Day 1 and then create a second list for Day 2 of the conference. Again, if you need to you can assign different ticket categories to the different check-in lists.

Managing check-in lists
When you create an event the system adds a default check-in list with all ticket categories in it. If you wish to make a new one, simply press the weemss-button-new-checkin-list (New check-in list) button. You can add new check-in lists, or edit and delete existing ones via the contextual button.



Editing a Check-in list
The contextual button at the end of each row allows you to change the name of the currently selected check-in list, as well as change the ticket categories that are eligible for check-in on that list.

Important: In Weemss you can choose the barcode type for your tickets by going to Event settings > Ticket categories and pressing the Ticket template button. From the Scan method drop-down menu, choose either a standard barcode (code 128) or a QR code (2D). If you plan on using the check-in app, instead of a dedicated scanning device, we recommend using the QR code. Mobile devices like phones and tablets scan QR codes faster and easier.

The combination of these two functions allow you to handle any check-in setup fast and easy, whether you need a solution for multiple doors, different days, separate groups, etc.