To check-in attendees at the event you need one key ingredient – access to the Internet on the device that will be used for check-in. Then you have a few options to handle the check-in itself.

1. Use the Weemss check-in app for Android (iOS version coming soon) mobile devices, available for download on Google Play here. Manual check-in available as well.


2. Use a laptop with a standard Plug&Play barcode reader attached to it. Manual check-in available as well without the need for a barcode reader.


Check-in with the Weemss mobile app

Now you can check-in event attendees using your Android devices. The free Weemss check-in app is available for download on the Google Play store.

Using the app is pretty straightforward, because as usual we’ve created a clean and functional interface for your operating pleasure.

  1. Download the app from Google Play
  2. Start the app on a device you wish to scan tickets
  3. Log in using your Weemss credentials
  4. Select the desired event and check-in list from the menu
  5. Scan tickets or check-in attendees manually

Since an event can have more than one check-in list, every list is displayed separately. Once you’ve selected the list you are ready to go! By default the app is switched to scanning, but you can use it to manually check-in attendees by tapping “Search”.

Important: In Weemss you can choose the barcode type for your tickets by going to Event settings > Ticket categories and pressing the Ticket template button. From the Scan method drop-down menu, choose either a standard barcode (code 128) or a QR code (2D). If you plan on using the check-in app, instead of a dedicated scanning device, we recommend using the QR code. Mobile devices like phones and tablets scan QR codes faster and easier.


Check-in with a laptop and a Plug&Play barcode scanner

In our experience pretty much any bar-code reader works. If it’s a Plug & Play reader, just plug it in a free USB port on your device and then click Check-in on the Event menu.

If you’ve created more than one check-in list – pick the list that’s created for the specific day of the event, door, hall, session, etc.

Point the bar-code reader at the bar-code located on the participant’s ticket/badge and you should see a dialogue pop on the screen, letting you know the participant is checked in successfully.



Manual check-in
To manually check-in a participant, start typing their name in the large search box with the Search participant text above it. The system will start returning results as soon as you enter 2 letters, so keep typing if you need to narrow the search.

When you find the name of the participant, simply click on it. You will see a pop-up with the option to Check-in the participant. You can also download and eventually print their ticket/badge, if necessary.