Weemss helps you organize faster and better by eliminating the need for long team meetings and internal email communication. This is done via in-app communication, event links management, and the ability to post messages directly within registrations.

Share comments with the rest of the team
There are three places where you can post messages in Weemss – the organization’s activity tab, on the event dashboard, and directly within a registration.

  • The Activity tab will show all messages including those posted on the dashboard and within registrations, from across all of your events created under the organization. That way everyone in your organization will know what is going on and where.
  • The dashboard is for communicating with everyone who’s working on the event. Any messages posted within registrations will also appear on the dashboard, so you’re always up to speed.
  • Registration messages are good for posting useful information about a registration and help a ton to get things done faster. Especially since you can jump straight to that same registration later with a single click from both the event’s Dashboard and the organization’s Activity section.


Manage event related links
You can also manage a list of links for your event so that you and your team are always on the same page. The idea is to put links on the dashboard to all event related documents and sites for one-click access. When you create an event in Weemss the system will automatically add a link to your event webpage. The rest is up to you – you can add new ones by clicking the Manage links button.

All of these features will make your job easier and help you work faster. Now would be a good moment to congratulate yourself on choosing an event registration software that goes the extra mile of helping you be more efficient – Weemss!