You can set a tax that will be automatically applied during the checkout process. The default setting is No tax. If you set a tax, it will be shown and applied when a customer is making a purchase. The main choices when adding a tax are:

  • Include tax in the total price – the tax you add is calculated in the price of your ticket or entry and shown in the first step of the checkout process. For example, you’ve set a ticket price of €100 and a VAT of 20%, when buying a ticket your customer is shown a breakdown of €83.33 + €16.67 VAT tax (totalling the €100 you’ve set per ticket).
  • Add tax on top of the total price – adds your tax on top of the total price of the purchase, at step 3 of the checkout process, where your customer is required to enter their billing details. This makes the final price of their purchase €120 (€100 for the ticket and €20 from 20% VAT). 
    • Enable custom tax – allows you to specify when the tax should be applied, based on the customer’s billing info and address. Important: enabling custom tax makes the billing data a requirement for your customers to complete the purchase process.

With this feature it’s easier to automate invoicing by connecting Weemss to an accounting app like Xero, QuickBooks, Zoho Invoice, etc. The tax will be sent as a separate sum to the invoicing solution that you use. A reminder, these integrations can be done by following the instructions in Apps on Weemss’ main menu.