Stripe supports payments in over 18 countries and you can start accepting payments as soon as you submit your account application. Its excellent set of features makes it a solid choice for businesses of all sizes.

To use Stripe with Weemss you need an active Stripe account and to complete the setup for the payment method.


Setup instructions

  1. Sign up for a Stripe account at
  2. In your Stripe merchant account go to API > API keys tab, copy and paste the necessary information into the corresponding fields in Weemss.
  3. In your Stripe merchant account go to API > Webhooks tab, press +Add endpoint for Endpoints receiving events from your account.
  4. Make sure Send all event types is selected and provide the following URL in URL to be called:
  5. After you add the link to your Endpoints receiving events from your account, click on the URL, use Click to reveal in the Signing secret section to see your unique secret code, and copy-paste that code into the Webhook secret field of the payment method in Weemss.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you turn off View test data before copy-pasting the necessary secret keys into the corresponding fields in Weemss. The secret keys generated in View test data mode are for testing purposes only!

Registrations using Stripe are automatically marked as paid upon successful payment.


What you need

  • A bank account – this is where your funds will be deposited once payments start going through.
  • A merchant account – used for routing funds from your customers’ accounts to your bank account. It is is similar to a line of credit, so you’ll need to fill out an application in order to have your Stripe account activated. Before activating your account, you can only interact with Stripe in test mode. With the exception of the ability to make a real charge to a credit card, all of Stripe’s features are available in test mode. Once you’ve activated your account, you can immediately start using the service to charge real cards.


Receipt emails
Stripe provides the ability to send email receipts to your customers for successful payments. To turn on this feature you need to turn on customer receipts from your email settings by checking the “Email customers for: Successful payments” box. If you’re having trouble sending email receipts check this article for more detailed information.


Payment icons
You can add Payment icons on your registration form to show which forms of payment are supported. Please keep in mind that some of these options may only be available in select countries. The icons serve only as a visual indicator for the person making the purchase. If you are not certain which forms of payment are supported by the selected payment method and/or the locale of your event, we advise checking with the payment method’s official documentation.