PayPal is one of the most popular ways to get paid online. The service has more than 143 million active accounts in over 203 countries and regions around the world. You can see the funds in your PayPal account instantly after every sale!

To use PayPal with Weemss you need an active PayPal business account and to complete the setup for the payment method.

Setup instructions

  1. Create a PayPal business account at
  2. Provide your PayPal business account email in the PayPal email field in Weemss
  3. Log in to your PayPal account
  4. Under My account > Overview find your PayPal primary currency
  5. Make sure the currency you choose for the payment method in Weemss corresponds to your PayPal primary currency

PayPal is an online payment method and registrations using it are automatically marked as paid upon successful payment.


What you need

A bank account – this is where your funds will be deposited once you ask to withdraw them from PayPal.

A valid email address – payments are sent to you using your email address. As soon as you receive the payment, it goes into your PayPal balance. When you have a PayPal balance you can withdraw the funds to your bank account.

A merchant account – a business PayPal account is recommended for merchants who operate under a company/group name. Alternatively you can use a Premier account, but that account type is for casual sellers and offers less features.

Payment icons

You can add Payment icons on your registration form to show which forms of payment are supported. It is important to know that some of these options may only be available in select countries. The icons serve only as a visual indicator for the person making the purchase. If you are not certain which forms of payment are supported by the selected payment method and/or the locale of your event, we advise checking with the payment method’s official documentation.