You can make different seating chart categories. These are later associated with the ticket categories you create in Event settings > Ticket categories.


Here’s a quick example:

In the seating chart

You make a Front Seat for your seating chart. Then you have to select the seats (or section, tables, booths) that apply to that category.


In your ticket categories

When creating your ticket categories in Event settings > Ticket categories, in the first field called Seating chart category you will need to select an existing category from your chart – choose Front Seat. For the purpose of this example the new ticket category will be called VIP ticket.



Upon selecting a seat marked as Front Seat, the customer will see it as Front Seat, and a VIP ticket will be added to their order. If they select another seat from the Front Seat category, a second VIP ticket is added.


One seating chart category can be assigned to different ticket categories at the same time. For example, your Front Seat can be available for both VIP and Business tickets at the same time. When your customer selects one of the front seats seat they will be given a choice between VIP and Business tickets.