When you create a seating chart you also create seating categories for that chart. For example, you can have a seating category called Front Seat. These categories are then assigned to your Ticket categories (Event settings > Ticket categories in the Seating chart category field).

To continue with the example, you can assign your Front Seat category from the seating chart to your VIP ticket category.

Notice, one is a seat category the other is a ticket category. That’s done so you can enjoy maximum flexibility when creating your chart and then assigning tickets to the seats.

  • You can assign different seat categories to different ticket categories.
  • You can also assign one seating category to different ticket categories, so people can choose the ticket option they prefer.
    • For example, your Front Seats can be assigned to both your VIP tickets and your Standard tickets. When your customer selects a seat, they will be asked to choose between a Standard ticket, or a VIP ticket.