Promo codes are a great way to gain sales you would not make at your regular price, to attract new clients, and to reward loyal customers. The codes are applied manually by the buyer to reduce the total price of the purchase. To create a promo code go to Marketing > Promo codes.

Before we go into the greater details of creating Promo codes, there is one important thing you need to know first.

Important! Promo codes and Special offers cannot be applied at the same time. If a Promo code is entered, any applicable Special offers will be ignored when calculating the total price reduction.

Now to create your first Promo code – click on the weemss-button-add-promo-code (Add promo code) button. You can come up with the actual code yourself or let the software generate one for you. The discount amount is where you put a percentage or a flat amount off the total value of the order.

There are Advanced settings where you can add various rules for the Promo code.

  • Valid from / Valid until: set a time limit for the promo code. Participants won’t be able to apply the code outside of that time frame. For example you can set a promo code that will only be available for the next 24 hours. Then send it to a number of your most valuable clients to let them know they can use it only in the next 24 hours to register for your event at half price. This should make them happy!
  • Number of uses allowed: limits the number of times the code can be applied. Set it to 20 uses, for example, and send it to Coca Cola, letting them know they can use it for 20 registrations.
  • Applies to: a promo code can apply to all ticket/entry categories or to some ticket/entry categories – it’s up to you to decide. Use this field to add and remove categories, or leave blank to make it available for all categories.
  • Valid for min./max. tickets/entries (depends on the event type): set limits to the number of tickets/entries per registration the promo code can be applied for. For example if you set 10 as a minimum the buyer will have to buy at least 10 or more tickets/entries if they want to use the promo code.
  • Valid for min./max. value: same as above only the limit is for the value of a purchase. Set a maximum of 1000 USD and if the buyer is trying to purchase 1200 USD worth of tickets/entries they won’t be able to apply your sweet sweet promo code and reduce the total price. Hah!


Remember that promo codes are an excellent way to increase your sales, but you need to use them strategically. Before you create a promo code you should decide exactly what you want to achieve with it and then how you’re going to achieve it.