The Dashboard is your event central. This is where you get to see all activity, the event’s status in Weemss, manage and access event related links, and monitor your setup progress before going Live with your shiny new event.


Event activity
The Activity area of the Dashboard is reserved for registration activity updates and team communication. If you or another member of your organization posts a message within a specific event registration, the message will also appear on the Dashboard along with a direct link to that registration. This makes managing registrations for your events so much faster and easier, it’s just ridiculous.


Event status and links
Every new event in Weemss is initially in Test mode. You should complete the full setup of your event before switching from Test to Live mode. You can also make test registrations, which do not incur any fees and are automatically deleted when the event goes Live. We recommend switching to Live mode only when your event is fully set up and you’ve tested the registration process.

You can also add links to event-related documents for quick access by clicking Manage links > Add another. A link to the event web page is added by default.


Remember that your event is still in Test mode and you can do no wrong! And if that doesn’t make you feel completely safe from erring we’ve also added tooltips to help you along the way.