The Entries webpage can be set up from Website > Entries webpage. There, it’s a simple matter of choosing which elements to enable for public viewing:


  • Show list of entries – lists all entries that you have approved for the awards competition. To approve an entry go to Entries on the Event menu.
  • View individual entry details – allows visitors to view in detail every entry on the list.
  • Show average rating – shows the average rating of an entry based on the rating given by each judge.
  • Show individual judge votes – shows what rating was given to each entry by every member of the judging panel.
  • Show judge comments – allows visitors to see judges’ comments made for each entry.

As a friendly reminder, the last 3 options (Show average rating, Show individual judge votes, and Show judge comments are an excellent way to make your awards competition more transparent. Still, it’s best to enable these options once the judging phase is over and you’ve already announced the winners and runner-ups.