Weemss helps you create Special offers, which are another great way of increasing your event revenue. Just having the words Special offer on your registration form is usually enough to tickle the consumer’s buying instincts. To create a special offer go to Marketing > Special offers.

Before we go into the greater details of creating Special offers, there are two important things you need to know first.

Important! Promo codes and Special offers cannot be applied at the same time. If a Promo code is entered any applicable Special offers will be ignored when calculating the total price reduction.

Important! Only one Special offer can apply to a purchase. If there’s more than one applicable Special offer in a purchase, the one with the biggest price reduction is applied.

Now to create your first Special offer – click on the weemss-button-add-special-offer (Add special offer) button. Give a name for your special offer, preferably something that prepares people what to expect from the offer. Next set the discount amount. It can be a percentage or a flat amount off the total value of the order. You can and probably should provide a description of the special offer to make it more effective.

There are Advanced settings where you can add various rules for the Special offer.

  • Valid from / Valid until: set a time limit for the special offer. The special offer won’t appear on your registration form outside of the set time frame. For example you can set a special offer that will only be available for the next 48 hours. This will generate some urgency in the people who were in two minds about registering and give them a gentle push towards making that purchase! Nice, eh?
  • Number of uses allowed: limits the number of times the offer can be applied before disappearing from your registration form. Set it to 100 uses, for example, and put some information in the description of the Special offer that tells people only the first hundred registrations will get the discount. Then sit back and enjoy as the next hundred registrations for your event come flyin’ in.
  • Applies to: a special offer can apply to all ticket/entry categories or to some ticket/entry categories – it’s up to you to decide. Use this field to add and remove categories, or leave blank to make it available for all categories.
  • Valid for min./max. tickets/entries (depends on the event type): set limits to the number of tickets/entries per registration that the special offer is applicable for. For example if you set 4 as a minimum the buyer will have to buy at least 4 or more tickets/entries for the special offer to take effect and reduce the price of the purchase.
  • Valid for min./max. value: same as above only the limit is for the value of a purchase. Set a maximum of 1000 USD and if the buyer is trying to purchase 1200 USD worth of tickets/entries the special offer will not apply its delicious price reduction!


A word of advice – if your special offer has certain conditions that need to be met in order to apply you should put that information in the offer’s description to avoid customer confusion and angry faces. Let them know what the special offer does and what its limitations are (if it has limited uses, time duration, only applies to certain ticket categories, etc.).