Before you start planning and organizing events you need to create an organization in Weemss. Luckily this is a pretty simple task. If you are a newly registered user the system will automatically ask you to create your first organization. You can also create additional organizations for different locations and time zones by clicking the Create organization button on the Main menu.


The basic Organization setup

  • Organization name: give your organization a name in Weemss. Events you create will be listed under this organization.
  • Location: select the country where your organization is located.
  • Time zone: select the time zone for your organization. Please note that the system will automatically assign the time zone that corresponds to the country you’ve selected in the Location setting. Important! This setting affects the time scheduled emails are sent, as well as the start time and end time of ticket sales.
  • Date format: select the preferred date format for Weemss and your registration forms.
  • Time format: select the preferred time format for Weemss and your registration forms.


Inviting your co-workers
The more the merrier! Weemss has a number of team collaboration features that really speed up the process of planning and managing your events. You can invite members to your organization to help with the workload, by clicking the Add co-worker button and entering the email of the person you wish to invite.