You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to create an event in Weemss. The process normally takes no more than a minute, which is way less than it takes you to go through your Facebook feed.

New users are asked to create an event right after they’ve created their first organization. Do not hesitate to create one even if you don’t have an actual event coming up. All events remain in test mode and are absolutely FREE, until that happy moment when you are ready to switch to Live mode and start making real sales!

You can create as many events as you wish by clicking the weemss-button-create-event (Create event) button on the Main menu.

First, choose the type of your event from Event ticketing (for ticket sales), Reserved seating (for ticketing with seat reservation), Individual registrations (for extensive data collection with individual bookings), and Awards management (for awards competitions and contests). Important: you cannot change the type of the event once the event is created.

Event title
Choose a title for your event. The event title is displayed throughout your customer’s registration experience, like in automatic emails, on the event webpage, the customer’s personal registration link, etc.  You can change the title after the event is created from Event settings > General.

Event starts/ends at
Choose the dates and times that your event will start and end. If you selected Awards management, pick the dates and times when the different phases start and end. This setting can be changed later from Event settings > General.

Default language
Choose the default language of your event. Every process that’s part of the customer experience will automatically be translated in the Default language of the event. Important: this setting cannot be changed after the even is created.

Creating the event is the first of three steps before an event is fully ready to go Live.