You can connect Weemss to 750+ applications and services on the web. This is done via Zapier, so you will need to create an account with them at, if you don’t have one already (it’s worth it and you should totally do it). Once you are ready with your Zapier account switch back to Weemss and click Apps on the Main menu (right next to My profile and Notifications). There you will see your API key, which you will need to copy and paste when adding Weemss to your Zapier account.


Add your Weemss account to Zapier
Log into Zapier and add your Weemss account to the list of Connected Accounts. You will be asked to provide the email you are registered at Weemss with and the API key.

We’ve created some quick Zap suggestions, which you can view at

Create a new Zap
You’ve added your Weemss account to Zapier and are ready to connect it to some of your favourite apps! A connection between two web applications via Zapier is called a Zap. Each Zap needs a Trigger App and an Action App, which means that the first app triggers the action in the second app. Currently Weemss supports two triggers.

  • New registration – Triggered when a new registration is made
  • New payment – Triggered when a new payment is made

For example…

Trigger: Someone registers for your event -> Action: The participant’s data is added to your customer database in Google Sheets

Trigger: You receive a new payment -> Action: An invoice is automatically created in your prefered invoicing app

The guys over at Zapier have done a great job creating a process that lets you set things up fast and easy. To create a new Zap simply press the MAKE A ZAP! button in Zapier and follow the steps to complete the setup. Your new Zaps will remain in draft mode until you are ready to flick the switch and activate them, so you have all the time in the World to test everything.

The fields that the Weemss API can send as information to other apps on Zapier are:

  • Registrant First Name
  • Registrant Last Name
  • Registrant Email
  • Event Name
  • Registrant Job Title
  • Registrant Full Name
  • Registrant Company
  • Registrant Phone Number
  • Registration Price
  • Organization Name
  • Registration Status
  • Registration Created At
  • Registration Link
  • Registration Currency
  • Registration Ticket Count
  • Registration ID
  • Event ID
  • Organization Timezone
  • Registration Base Price
  • Registration Tax
  • Organization ID
  • Registration Entry Count
  • Billing Company Name
  • Billing Address Country
  • Billing Address Postal Code
  • Billing Address Street
  • Billing Address City
  • Billing Address State
  • Billing Company ID
  • Billing Company VAT ID

Anyone who’s ever worked on organizing an event knows it’s a ton of hard work and requires paying a lot of attention to the details. Now you can use Weemss with Zapier to optimize your work dramatically and I don’t use that word lightly here. These integrations can do the most tedious and time-consuming tasks for you, lower the risk of human error, and improve your efficiency many times over. Here are a few of them to wet your appetite:

– Add or Update contacts in your email marketing or CRM software (Mailchimp, Hubspot CRM, Salesforce, etc.)
– Automatically create invoices (Xero, Quickbooks, Freshbooks, etc.
– Create tasks in your project management software (Trello, Asana, Basecamp, etc.)
– Update your Slack, Google Sheets, Podio, or any of the other 750+ apps