Setting up your events in Weemss is easy and requires no technical or programming skills. All you need is a few minutes to tailor the event to your exact preferences. All event settings can be found on the Event menu by clicking Event settings.


General settings
These are normally set during the event creation phase. You’ll notice that some of the settings cannot be changed, like Default language, Currency, and the type of the event.

Ticket/Entry categories (depending on the event type)
You need to add least one category for your event. You can create as many categories as you need. By adding various ticket/entry categories you give potential buyers more options to pick what suits them best.

Registration form
Weemss lets you create the registration form for your event just the way you want it. You just drag the fields you require and drop them in the specified area. The registration form can then be integrated on your website where it will work subtly its Weemss magic, without taking the focus away from your brand.

Payment settings
If you are organizing a paid event you will want to add payment methods for your event. At least one is required, but the more you add the more likely it is the potential buyer will decide to complete their purchase. And the best part? You receive the money straight to your accounts, without the software acting as a middleman.

Entry forms (depending on the event type)
Entry forms are used by the awards competition entrant to create their entry. You need to create at least one entry form and assign it to one or more of the competition’s Entry categories. Add fields for file upload, links, questions, text, etc. depending on the needs of each competition category.

Judges (depending on the event type)
Lets you invite judges for your awards competition. Once you invite someone they will receive an email with their log-in details and a link to the judging page. You can also make adjustments to the voting scale here by pressing the Voting scale button.

Automatic emails
Weemss lets you send out emails to registrants from your own email address. That way you communicate directly with participants and help strengthen your brand as an event organizer. All you need is a valid email address. The emails you add to your organization can then be used as Send address and Reply to in the Send options.

Before you switch to Live mode from the event Dashboard we highly recommend testing the registration process. While this step is completely optional, it’s your best way of making sure everything’s working as intended.