Weemss lets you clone an event that you’ve already created with the platform. First you need to select the organization the event you wish to clone belongs to, by clicking on the name of that organization on the Main menu. There you will see the Organization dashboard tab with a list of your events.

You can clone an event that you’ve created in Weemss from the Organization dashboard. This is done by pressing the contextual button that looks like a downwards pointing arrow, that’s located at the end of each row on the list with your Weemss events.


Here’s what gets copied over from your existing event to the cloned one:

  • Name of the event (adds a “cloned” to the name so there’s no confusion). You can rename the new event from Event settings > General.
  • the event’s original Start and End dates, or the time and dates of the different phases, if it’s an awards competition (again from Event settings > General).
  • the Default language and Registration type. These settings can only be set during the event creation phase and cannot be changed for the cloned event.
  • the rest of the Event settings (Ticket/Entry categories, Registration form, Payment settings, Entry forms if it’s an awards competition, and Automatic emails).
  • Special offers and Conversion triggers are also copied over
  • Check-in groups if the event is not an awards competition

What doesn’t get cloned:

  • Promo codes
  • existing Registrations
  • custom emails you may have created
  • logos and images (like the event webpage cover for example) are not copied over to the cloned event
  • Judges if it’s an awards competition
  • Entries if it’s an awards competition