To cancel an event in Weemss go to Event settings > Ticket categories and set the status of every category to Hidden. Doing this will replace the registration form with a message saying “Registration is not active!”.

Next, you have to cancel the existing tickets bought prior to the cancellation of the event. To do that you need to go to Registrations and open each ticket order to cancel it from Actions > Cancel tickets – this way your customers who bought the tickets will receive an automatic email notifying them of the ticket cancellation. Go to Actions > Payments and remove any payments made for this order. You will want to remove these payments from the system, in order to have correct data from the event.

Important: No amount of money goes through Weemss, removing payments is done to have the correct data from the event. You receive the money from every sale directly in your merchant account with the payment processor used to accept the payment. To refund a customer go to your merchant account with the payment processor you used to accept the payment and find the refund option there.