The entry form will be used by awards participants to send in their submissions. You can create an entry form for all categories or many forms and assign them to specific categories. This is done from Event settings > Entry forms. Pressing the weemss-button-new-entry-form (New entry form) button does exactly what it says – you use it to create a new form.


Once an entry form is created it gets listed in Entry forms. The contextual button at the end of each row has the Edit button, where you can assign the form to specific entry categories and change its name.

You can always customize the entry form by clicking on it. To add a new field press the weemss-button-add-form-field (Add form field) button.

Remember to add enough fields so that participants can present their submissions in the best possible way. You can edit the fields, rearrange their order by moving them with the mouse, or delete a field by clicking on the X next to it.