Managing your event registrations in Weemss is designed to be always fast, easy, and efficient. The software gives you great freedom and the right set of tools to help you handle that process in just a few clicks.

Let’s start by clicking Registrations on the Event menu. Any registrations for your event will be listed there. You can use the column headers to sort them alphabetically, by date of registration, entry category, etc.

You’ll probably notice that all registrations have one of three possible colors assigned to them:

yellowish (yellow) – the registration is awaiting payment

red (red) – the registration is canceled

green (green) – the registration is paid


When an entrant uses an online payment method to register for your event, their registration will be automatically marked as paid when the purchase goes through. Please note that registrations paid using offline payment methods (such as bank transfers or any custom payment method) need to be marked as paid manually by you – the organizer of the event. Doing so will automatically send an email to the entrant, confirming the payment and giving access to their Registration profile, where they can create, edit, and submit their entries.