With Weemss you communicate with your customers directly. This means emails are sent from your own email address, which helps strengthen your brand’s name recognition. To do this the system needs you to choose a verified Send address that is going to be used as the sender of all outgoing emails, by clicking the weemss-button-send-options (Send options) button in Event settings > Automatic emails. There you can also set a Reply to email, if you wish to receive replies sent by customers to a different email. Please note that to make use of schema.org’s email markup feature for automatic emails, the default Send address should remain set as [email protected].

With Weemss you can create and edit the communication you send to event registrants. When you create an event the system automatically adds four automatic emails – Successful registration, Successful payment, Cancelled registration, and New judge invitation. These emails are created with pre-defined text and translated in the default language of the event. But you can edit them as you wish. The one thing you can’t do is delete the emails, as they are required by the system to function properly!


Adding a new automatic email
Clicking on the weemss-button-add-email-template (Add email template) button will let you create a new automatic email. The settings that will appear are rather self-explanatory, so we’ll skip to the more important bits you need to know.


Creating a custom email
Custom emails can be anything, from reminders, to important information about any changes related to the event. While the other emails are sent automatically based on certain situations being met, the custom email can be sent at a scheduled date and time.


Using merge fields
Merge fields are strings of text that are automatically replaced with the recipient’s corresponding values when the email is sent. For example [first_name] will be replaced with the participant’s first name.

Here’s a quick example:

You type “Thank you for registering, [first_name]!
John, who just registered for your event will see this as “Thank you for registering, John!

Please note that the [registration_link] merge field is mandatory for all automatic emails, except for Custom.

Setting up your automatic emails is the last step of the event setup. But before you head to the Dashboard and hit the Live/Test mode switch we highly recommend you test the registration process yourself – from beginning to end. It’s always the best way to find out if you’ve missed something.