If you are organizing a paid event you will want to add payment methods. This is done from Event settings > Payment settings on the Event menu. We have integrated some of the best and most secure payment processors in the world, like PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe.

Adding a payment method is really easy. If you don’t have an account with the payment processor you wish to add,  just head to the their website and register. In some cases you will need to apply for a merchant account – the process is easy and your application should be approved in no time. Here are short articles dealing with each payment method’s setup in Weemss:




Bank transfer and custom payment methods

ePay / EasyPay / B-pay (Bulgaria)

PayUbiz (India)

To add a payment method for your event click weemss-button-add-payment-method (Add payment method).


Select a payment method from the list. Now there are a few fields that require you to copy some info from your payment processor profile and paste it into the corresponding fields in Weemss. Open your payment processor profile in a different browser window/tab, find the needed info and fill in the required fields in Weemss.

Billing data
The Billing data settings apply to paid events only. These settings are important, as they will allow you to collect the necessary information from the person making the registration, in order to issue an invoice afterwards. Use the weemss-button-billing-data (Billing data) button to change the settings.

You are ready to start accepting payments with Weemss instantly and directly to your account!