Product changes

Product changes

13 March 2019

Improved seating charts

  • Draft charts – All changes to the charts are now made in draft mode. The changes can either be “published” or “discarded”.
  • Real-time hold seats – Real-time availability updates ensure that ticket buyers cannot book the same seat twice. Seats are held for the ticket buyer while making a selection, until they are booked or time out.
  • Seat labels – Seat labels are now mandatory and no double labeling is allowed.

10 December 2018

Improved Mobile Tickets And Passbooks Support. We have added  support for:

  • Mobile tickets – downloadable as a .pdf file that’s easy to open on any mobile device without the need for a dedicated app, also perfect for QR scanning with a smartphone.
  • Apple Wallet / Passbook – a .pkpass file that digitally represents the tickets in Apple Wallet (iOS) and a number of Android digital wallet apps, perfect for QR codes and easy scanning from a smartphone.

28 October 2018

Тhe Weemss check-in apps for Android and iOS have been updated with:

  • Improved barcode scanning
  • Faster & improved navigation
  • Tickets can be searched by company name as well
  • Phone stays awake while in scan mode
  • iPhone XS support (iOS)

15 October 2018

Weemss Awards Management was re-branded as Evalato. Future updates will be published at

  • Multiple judging rounds
  • Custom scorecards with different criteria, weights and scales
  • Improved submission approval, rejection and shortlisting
  • Improved analytics with more submission data
  • Improved UX and redesigned applicant portal
  • Improved UX and redesigned judging portal
  • Improved and redesigned program dashboard
  • New video tutorials
  • Removed comment activity stream from organization and dashboard
  • Removed quick links

13 June 2018

Export update.

  • We’ve updated the tickets export and included the registration data to each ticket.
  • We’ve also added the number of tickets ordered in the registrations export.

11 April 2018

Awards management: Improved entry forms.

  • Added “Country” field in entry forms
  • Added option to make selected answers in entry form visible only to admins

24 March 2018

  • Improved registration flow: One-click registration link on confirmation step and in emails
  • Groups: Option to group ticket/entry categories into main groups

15 March 2018

  • Draft mode renamed to Test mode.
  • Improved Test / Live mode switching.
  • Moved Export functionality to its own section in Analytics on the Event menu.

7 February 2018

Improvement to the awards management product.

  • Single registration for awards: You can now choose if entrants can register multiple entries or the newly introduced single entry. This offers a simplified process and is particularly useful in cases where entrants have only a single submission.
  • Events in main menu: Events (awards competitions) now show in the main menu 2 months after the final judging date has passed.

29 January 2018

5 New Payment Methods Supported: Alipay, Bancontact, Giropay, IDEAL And P24
These would allow your customers to pay with Alipay in China, Bancontact in Belgium, Giropay in Germany, iDEAL in the Netherlands and P24 (Przelewy24) in Poland. These payment methods are available for all Stripe merchants in Europe (Alipay is available to Stripe customers globally).

2 November 2017

Payments, tax and billing improvements

  • Added tax settings – tax settings were added in Event settings > Payment settings. Choose between No tax, Include tax in total price or Add tax on top of the total price.
  • Enable custom tax options – customizable tax application depending on the customer’s billing info and address (for option Add tax on top of the total price)
  • New billing data field – added a billing field, so your customers can choose between Individual or Business for their billing data.
  • Currency button added – we made some optimizations to the initial phase of event creation, so the option to change the currency has been moved to Event settings > Ticket/Entry categories

27 October 2017

Seating chart improvements

  • View from the seat function added – upload pictures to your seating chart that will show when the ticket buyer is choosing their seat. Pictures can be one per section to reduce the number of pictures required.
  • Improved highlighting of selected seats – seats in a section are now more clearly indicated when the ticket buyer selects them and zooms back out to the sections view.
  • Design sections from drawing – if you upload a background drawing into the chart designer, it will now be shown when editing your sections.
  • Improved row curving in the seating chart designer – curving rows of different lengths is now much easier, even across different blocks of rows.
  • Faster seating chart load times – waiting for the chart to load has been cut down a bazillion times, making customer happier than ever with their experience.

9 October 2017

  • Removed support for the 2checkout payment method.

13 September 2017

  • Form speed – After several improvement the registration form is now up to 3x times faster, depending on order size and form complexity.

28 July 2017

  • Email markup support – With email markup support registration emails appear in Google Search results when users search for tickets and events. Cards are presented to the user in the right place and at the right time. Emails in Inbox by Google are highlighted with important information and actions. Please note that this works only with the default sender address “[email protected]”.
  • “Reply to” email support – Now you can setup a “reply to” email address which is different from the sender address.

12 July 2017

20 June 2017

24 April 2017

  • Added support for Facebook Pixel
  • New “Tracking” section (Analytics > Tracking) uniting all the information you need to set up Google Analytics, Google Analytics Goals, Facebook Pixel, and Weemss tracking.
  • Test mode payments: You can now simulate payments while in draft mode with a single click of the button.
  • Awards management: To improve the registration flow and increase conversions, we have removed the mandatory “Entry name” field during the registration process.

24 March 2017

Full redesign of the registration form.

  • Full customization – Now you can change the skin of the registration form between light and dark version. The font can also be changed, as well as the colors of special offers, conversion triggers, and accents.
  • Improved placement and visibility of special offers and conversion triggers to produce top marketing results.
  • Redesigned pop-up for payments with Stripe and Braintree.

21 February 2017

New seating chart features and improvements for reserved seating events.

  • Polygon general admission areas: You could already draw rectangular and ellipse shaped GA areas in the seating charts. Now we also support polygon shaped GAs. Drawing them is exactly the same as drawing sections: click-click-click and you’re done.
  • Improvement of Labeling: We’ve made the way labels are assigned to seats in the seating chart much easier.
  • Keyboard keys as a drawing tool: In the designer, you can now move selected objects with the keyboard arrow keys. This allows for more fine grained control of the drawing: using the keyboard is more precise than using the mouse.

7 February 2017

New feature for awards management events.

  • You can now choose if you want to require payment before your customers can edit and submit entries.

6 February 2017

Full infrastructure update.

  • Infrastructure update that increases security, speed and reliability
  • More scalable server deployment
  • Improved deployment practices that allow near-zero downtime during deployment of new features

27 January 2017

Improved event webpage experience on mobile.

  • Event webpage header on mobile is not sticky anymore to increase white space and improve user experience

19 October 2016

New feature for awards management events.

  • Entries webpage for public viewing with options to display list of entries, individual entry details, average rating, individual judge votes, judge comments. Read blog post
  • Option to change voting scale maximum from 5 to 100. Read blog post

16 August 2016

Event cloning now available.