Weemss with improved mobile tickets and passbooks support

With Weemss Christmas is always early – we just released new and improved mobile tickets for all your ticketing needs. You can now choose to enable mobile, printable, and digital wallets support for your event tickets.

Mobile tickets is the norm

More than 2 billion people own a smartphone nowadays and spend an average of 3+ hours a day on them. This means many people out there prefer using their mobiles to not only purchase, but also store their tickets and check-in at the event. Weemss has this feature since forever, but it’s now new and considerably improved.

You have the option to choose what tickets to accept at the event.

  • Mobile tickets – downloadable as a .pdf file that’s easy to open on any mobile device without the need for a dedicated app, also perfect for QR scanning with a smartphone.
  • Apple Wallet / Passbook – a .pkpass file that digitally represents the tickets in Apple Wallet (iOS) and a number of Android digital wallet apps, perfect for QR codes and easy scanning from a smartphone.
  • Print tickets (PDF) – ye olde traditional paper tickets that can be downloaded and printed at home, fold to fit in a pocket, perfect for standard barcode scanners.

Happy holidays from the Weemss team

Without mobile tickets you’re potentially losing a great deal of ticket sales and you don’t have to. Weemss delivers a strong mobile ticketing solution that’s affordable and easy to use and it just got better. To make use of the new features, simply edit your Ticket template in Weemss and enjoy!

What’s next

This year went by pretty fast and we’re already planning a lot of improvements for 2019. With the separation of our awards management service as a separate service (Evalato), for Weemss we’re focusing purely on ticketing and event management features, which we know you’re going to love.