Weemss Ranked Fastest And 4th Most User-Friendly Among 400+ Event Management Solutions

It’s official, friends! Weemss is 4th on Capterra’s inaugural list of Top 20 Most User-Friendly Event Management Software for 2017, where the platform also ranked fastest. Capterra helps businesses find the right software and offers the most comprehensive list of solutions on the web and there are over 400 softwares there for event professionals. To make it in the top 20 is no easy feat, but to actually be 4th and the quickest on that list is quite an achievement.

When ranking the solutions, the Capterra team considered how easy it is to use a system, the available customer services, and the reviews from actual users of the different solutions. So your reviews helped as well, guys!

Where Weemss shined brightest was its tremendous usability. Each event management system was tested on how long it takes to create and schedule event, add contact, email contact, register contact, check-in attendee, and generate report. The average task completion time for all systems tested was 37 seconds, it took Weemss an average time of 25 seconds to perform each task – the quickest among 400+ solutions. Kudos to the mathemagicians from our engineering team and to our UX wizards! This is bragging rights heaven and we’re immensely proud!

But as James Rew, product research associate for Capterra’s Software Lab, puts it “Getting the job done as fast as possible may be crucial to some event organizers, while others may be searching for more robust functionality. For example, some of the solutions we tested allowed us to create an event webpage and customize the invitations; it may have taken more time to complete the task, but allowed for more creativity and elaboration”.

And that’s exactly what Weemss does – it gives you the perfect tools to create and manage your events with complete freedom and flexibility, including the event webpage and custom communication with your customers.

If you’re on the lookout for a new event management system, look no further. Get started with Weemss today!