Weemss Ltd with a new virtual events and community management platform

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That’s right, we’ve been working hard on a new virtual events and community management platform. Now there’s Weemss for your in-person events and Evalato for your virtual events.

If the name Evalato sounds familiar, that’s because you may already be familiar with it – it’s one of the leading awards management platforms today. We just added a ton of new features and functionalities to it, so now you can host engaging online events or manage your community memberships with it as well.

You can use Evalato to manage all your virtual events like ceremonies, expos, trade shows, conferences, networking events, b2b matchmaking, brand activations and any event that aims for efficient connecting of participants.

  • Handle free or paid event registrations with a click
  • Engage participants and empower efficient 1:1 meetings
  • Deliver webinars, live-streams and videos
  • Maximize ROI for partners, sponsors and exhibitors

6 reasons why you’ll love the new platform

  1. Next-gen registration process

One of the major draws of the new platform is our 2-step registration process that is perfected to guarantee the quickest and smoothest experience for your online attendees. With a registration experience this good, you can get as much as 30% more registrations.

  1. Easy to use, highly robust toolset

Evalato enables participants to find relevant matches by various criteria, then schedule and run highly effective 1:1 video meetings. Intuitive meeting scheduling, intelligent timezone management, easy messaging, and automatic email reminders are just a few of the perks you (and your event participants) will enjoy.


  1. Unrivaled customization and flexibility

With Evalato you can customize almost any element of your event. You can also apply your own branding, accept payments through your online payment provider, build a webpage (or embed the registration form on your own website), as well as choose from 40+ languages and 160+ currencies for the event participant experience.

evalato features

  1. No pay-walled features

Unlike most platforms out there, we give you all features no matter the pricing plan you choose. That’s just how we roll, because we want you to enjoy your experience with the platform and your event participants to love theirs as well.

  1. Best value for money

Let’s be honest, price is always an important factor. And Evalato is hands down the best value for money when you need to connect online participants effectively. Moreover, with us you get 100% transparent pricing – no complicated plans, no hidden taxes or onboarding fees.

  1. Free testing, no strings attached

Did we mention you can test the platform for free? You don’t even need to talk to a sales rep to see what it’s all about. That’s right, no credit card required and no strings attached – you simply register and are immediately ready to start setting up your events and programs.

In the words of the Beastie Boys, check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out – https://evalato.com/!