Is your event website missing this very important element?

Security is more important than ever to the customer, which makes it very important for your business. HTTPS (also known as HTTP Secure) is a widely used internet protocol for secure communication over the network. Simply put, it authenticates the visited website, and encrypts the data moving between the site and the visitor. Weemss uses the HTTPS standard and all data is encrypted with the latest SSL cryptographic protocols, as part of our promise to protect your information and that of your customers.

Today this is a requirement for protecting page authenticity, securing accounts, and keeping user communication and identity private.

Why we’re bringing this up

In January 2017 Google’s Chrome browser started marking HTTP pages that collect passwords or credit cards as ‘non-secure’. This concerns you, because the browser holds more than 50% of the web browser market share on both desktop and mobile devices! It is safe to say every second visitor on your website uses Chrome. And even if you do not care about Chrome, rest assured other browsers will likely follow suit sooner or later.

Now imagine what happens if your customers see a ‘non-secure’ notification upon visiting your site – it doesn’t exactly inspire trust, does it?

Weemss uses the latest in website security to protect your data and that of your clients. When you embed the registration form directly into your website, you create an IFrame (an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website). As a result, Chrome does not check our SSL certificate, it checks your website’s certificate. If you haven’t migrated to HTTPS, the ‘non-secure’ notification will show up. All data will be still be encrypted, but your website visitors won’t know that.

That’s why it is very important to use HTTPS on your site, or risk losing potential sales.

What you need to do

To migrate to the HTTPS standard you need

  1. You need to receive an SSL certificate, then activate and install it on your server. A certificate is simply a combination of letters and numbers that only your site knows, think of it like a paragraph-long password. Make sure you check with your hosting provider – many of them offer SSL certificates as part of their services. You can also buy a certificate or use a free one. For highly recommended free SSL certificates check out
  2. Make the necessary adjustments to your website to make sure it goes through HTTPS. Once you’ve done this you should open it and check the address bar if your URL starts with https:// instead of http://. If you see the S it means your website has an SSL certificate installed and is considered secure by your browser!

We understand the importance of privacy and data protection, Weemss provides a most secure solution for you and your own clients. We are also dedicated to helping you sell more, so our marketing experts advise you to migrate to HTTPS as soon as possible. It will not only make your site more secure, but also give your clients a good reason to trust you with their data and put their mind at ease.