Unveiling The Irresistible New Weemss Look

With Weemss you get one of the best customizable registration forms available out there for your event. But our belief is that one can always improve on perfection, so we re-imagined the front-end to be better in every way for your customers! This update to the Weemss registration form brings much more than an attractive aesthetic – it drives conversions and attracts attention. Whether you embed it into your site or use our integrated webpage creator, your customers will always be impressed.

A new look

The registration process itself is an extremely important marketing tool for an event organizer, because it is the first impression your customers get from your event and will likely shape their perception from that point on. So our design team made sure the new front-end is dressed to impress with a clean, modern, slick, and responsive look!


Superior marketing

Another area we improved Weemss’ look is the placement and visibility of special offers and conversion triggers on the registration form to produce top marketing results. The new visuals encourage action by making these elements more prominent, clear, and enticing.


Extra customization

Check out the new Website > Form style section, where you can customize the registration form to create a consistent visual language on your site. Now you can change the skin of the registration form between light and dark version. Your website has black background? Pick the dark skin and when you embed the form into your site it will fit more seamlessly than ever. Or pick the light skin for extra contrast, it’s up to you! The font can also be changed, as well as the colors of special offers, conversion triggers, and accents.


Under the hood

It’s not all beauty without substance and there’s more awesomeness beyond these good looks. The new front-end uses the latest HTML technology, is optimized to load fast, and works on any personal or mobile device. This comes after we did a full infrastructure update to increase security, speed and reliability of the platform. It also allows us to deploy new features with near-zero downtime.

Remember that with events you are essentially selling an experience and this experience starts from the moment the customer visits your site and takes a look at the registration form. To them good design equals a good company they can trust to deliver a great event. Weemss empowers your efforts