Product update: two small features for Weemss, one customer experience leap

We wanted to enhance the registration experience for your customers, so you can enjoy easier client retention and more sales. That’s why with this update we bring you two awesome improvements!

Arrange your tickets or entries into main groups

Now you can create groups for your different categories and arrange your tickets or entries better. This is particularly useful when you have a lot of categories, as it helps you keep the registration form cleaner and easier to navigate.

For example, big international award competitions usually have a lot of entry categories (I’m looking at you, Eventex Awards!). The full list of categories would make for some annoying up and down scrolling. Instead, you can put any number of entry categories into a group, which expands when clicked on to reveal all categories in it.

Before – After Image


Improved registration flow

We felt that when your customer has to check their email in order to access their registration, it makes the whole experience a couple of steps longer than it should be! So an Access your registration button was added in the final step of the registration process itself.

The email confirmation and the personal registration link are not gone, as they are an important part of the customer experience. But now your customers get to access their tickets or entries immediately, with the click of a button, directly from the browser! Sometimes you don’t need an amazing innovation, it’s the simple solution that work wonders.

Good user experience is the foundation of any successful business and we are always working to improve things for you and your customers. Get started with Weemss if you manage events or with Evalato (foremely Weemss Awards Management) if you run awards or contests, and you will quickly understand why they are among the fastest growing and most progressive platforms in the industry today! (-: