The 4 Essential “E”-s for Designing Enchanting Events

As we love to say: “No event deserves to be mediocre”. Events are meant to enchant! They need to enlighten, connect, surprise and delight and to ultimately bring along progress, inspiration and enjoyment. There is no strict recipe for achieving that, but we believe there are four invaluable ingredients you should always mix to prepare a mind-blowing event: create and experience, keep on evolving, never stop experimenting and always engage your attendees.

These E-words are quite easy to remember but incorporating them into your events requires lots of skills, know-how and creativity. See why you should always bear these four E-words in mind and how to wheel them into your events.

Create an Experience

If you ask someone about their biggest dream, it’s quite unlikely to get answers like: buying a Ferrari or getting a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes for their birthday. Most answers would be something like: a trip to the Maldives, attending a concert of a favourite band or parachuting. People cherish and remember experiences, not things. Only experiences stick to our minds and hearts for good. To organise an exceptional and memorable event, you need to do just that- create an experience.

Experiences are the best, if not the only, means to achieving the ultimate goals of  your event: from educating to inspiring or entertaining your attendees, there is no better teacher, guru or entertainer than the personal EXPERIENCE itself. For an event to become a real experience, it should feel like an individual encountering for each and every attendee. This means that your event needs to evoke emotions, stimulate all the senses, engage (more about that below) and amaze every single attendee at your event. More on how to turn your event into experience read here.

Creating an experience means creating a whole journey where every step of the way matters: from the moment an attendee registers for your event to the moment he/she leaves. To give that journey a flying start, you need Weemss – the event ticketing and registration software that ensures a smooth as butter experience for you and your customers.

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The key to organizing ever better events is evolving: every new event you organize needs to surpass the previous one. To achieve this, there are some basic steps you should follow:

  • Analyze your events
    Your event might be over but not your work on it. Now is the time to make a thorough analysis: evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, check out what marketing move worked out well and what failed, review the attendees’ feedback paying special attention to the negative remarks; discuss the difficulties, oversights and accomplishments with your teammates etc. Not doing so will doom your future events not only to lack of progress but also to making the same mistakes over and over again. And a much more wiser person than me, namely Albert Einstein, called that insanity.

Weemss has the right tools to help you out with your event analysis: detailed data and statystics and an option to export data. 

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  • Embrace your mistakes
    We all make mistakes, it’s human and unavoidable. What’s important is to learn from them. Mistakes are the hardest but the best lessons you could get.  So don’t be harsh on yourself about the little blunders and slips you’ve had during your last event. Instead, examine them carefully and think of ways to avoid them next time. Thus, from stumbling stones they might turn out to be the stepping stones to your next great event.
  • Work on yourself
    It’s not only your events that need evolving. You also have to constantly work on yourself as an event professional in order to organize better events because you are the driving engine behind your event! Learning new skills and hacks and keeping up with the trends in the industry is the best investment you could make for your event. Whether you will attend 
    event management masterclasses and trainings, or simply read our blog, just never stop improving as an event prof!


Another essential E-word when it comes to events – experimenting. Trying new event formats, technologies, services, gadgets, approaches or unconventional venues is what will make the difference in your next event. Even small changes and innovations like a new image or а video on your website or a funky throwable microphone (like Catchbox) could completely change the look and feel of your event and eventually its final outcomes. Yes, not all try-ons might be a success but your biggest mistake will surely be not going after new things! Stagnation and repetition are like seppuku for events. Enchanting events thrive only on creativity and innovation. So if there is one thing you should never be afraid of when organizing an event, that’s experimenting!

Engage Your Attendees

Long gone are the times when the event attendee was just a passive spectator during the event. Millennials need and demand more: they want to be active participants during your events, they’ve come to network, exchange experiences and know-how and will not settle for less.

To adapt to these changes, the event industry has undergone immense transformations over the last decades: new interactive event formats have emerged. Event technologies now encompass the whole management cycle making our work as event profs not only easier but also much more exciting. Moderators have become key figures in events, finding diverse and creative ways to include the audience into the dialogue, and speakers have greatly changed their ways of presenting: by interacting with the audience, incorprating real stories coming directly from the audience and so on.

Engaging your audience has become a top priority when designing an event. The more creative and interactive ways you invent to do so, the better and more memorable your event will become.

Are these E-words the pillars of  your wow-factor events as well? We will be delighted to hear how YOU turn your events to real successes.

It’s not a coincidence Weemss has 2 “E“-s in its name! Because it Excels in making your event an amazing Experience. 

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