What We Released in 2016 – The Year in Review

In a nutshell 2016 was a great year for Weemss. We released 3 major updates full of great new features and services, as well as a number of smaller releases with tweaks, improvements, and functionalities that make your event organizer life better.

Zapier integration

Weemss can be integrated via Zapier with more than 750 other popular apps and services on the web. This means considerable automation, or at least optimization, of many of your tasks. Here’s some of the things that can be done automatically for you:

  • add, update contacts in your email marketing or CRM software (e.g. Mailchimp, Hubspot CRM, Salesforce, etc.);
  • automatically create invoices (e.g. Xero, Quickbooks, Freshbooks, etc.);
  • create tasks in your project management software (e.g. Trello, Asana, Basecamp, etc.);
  • update your Slack, Google Sheets, Podio, and many more.

In terms of productivity, it is hands down the biggest update to the system, ever. To connect Weemss to another service or app on the web, click Apps on the Main menu. Also, a quick guide to getting started, in case you need it!

Awards management

Now you can use Weemss to manage your awards. The software provides an end-to-end online service for your competitions, that’s sleek and easy to use. More importantly, your awards can finally look like they belong in the 21st century. Some of the things that Weemss will help with:

  • create contests, awards, photo competitions;
  • build your registration and entry forms;
  • custom entry categories with assignable forms;
  • flexible jury member management and complete voting solution;
  • easy awards webpage, public entries webpage;
  • detailed statistics, reports, and voting results.

Judges get an interface that’s a joy to use. Participants get to create, edit, and submit their entries in the most convenient way available, from any personal or mobile device, of course!

Reserved seating

An excellent service for everyone who wants to sell seats, tables, booths, or tickets for different sections. If you’re organizing concerts, sporting events, theatre plays, movie screenings, operas, shows, gala dinners, etc. Highlights for this release include:

  • custom floor plans and seating charts creation with options for sections, seats, tables, booths, general admission area, text, floor maps, etc.;
  • an interactive floor plan on your website, or if you don’t have a site – use Weemss to make one;
  • seats can be assigned to multiple ticket categories for extra flexibility;
  • works and looks great on smartphones, tablets and any other personal or mobile device!

Now you can offer your customers a truly premium experience. They get to choose their seats and pick the ticket option they prefer, from any personal or mobile device. You can add Reserved Seating when creating your new event in Weemss.

+ Event cloning

One minor feature deserves a special mention, because it is such a big deal. The ability to clone any of your existing events in Weemss is a tiny feature, that saves you hours of work!

Thank you for choosing Weemss

As event professionals ourselves, we understand how important your events are. An event is a ton of hard work no matter what. It means a lot to us that you choose Weemss as your trusted ally. You’ll be delighted to know that we’ve got a lot of useful features and awesome services planned for release in 2017. No dates are set, because it’s better to properly implement and test everything, instead of rushing it. But the first release, coming veeery soon, is the redesigned and improved registration process. We showed you a sneak peek in a recent post. It’s eye-catching and highly optimized to help you sell more, so we think it’s a good start to the new year.

With that, on behalf of the whole Weemss team, I want to wish you a most successful new year of events!