Your registration forms are up to 3x faster now!

Weemss and Evalato (foremely Weemss Awards Management) make your work a ton easier and helluva lot faster. We were not surprised when Weemss was ranked fastest and 4th most user-friendly event management software among more than 400 solutions listed on Capterra. But time is always of the essence and in the past few weeks our engineering team worked on optimizing the speed of the Weemss registration form. The update was pushed to the live service this week and now your customers’ actions are processed flat out faster!

Why speed matters

Speed is vital to delivering a positive customer experience. For some, there’s nothing worse than waiting for a software to complete what they want to do. Once a button is pressed, slow processing times can be frustrating and off-putting, potentially leading to missed sales. From the moment the potential customer engages with your event website, to how fast they select and complete their order from you, every second counts.

Up to 3x faster

Not that the Weemss registration form was a slouch before this update, but now it’s up to 3 times faster, depending on order size and form complexity. Whether they’re buying a ticket for your event, or registering entries for your awards, from any personal or mobile device, people will be delighted with how quick and responsive the experience is. A faster registration form also shows your customers that you care and understand their time is valuable.

We are committed to always deliver the best experience for you and your own customers. Our dedicated team continues to improve the platform both in terms of new features and performance.

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