Product update: Set private entry form fields

We just released a sweet little feature for Awards Management (now Evalato) that allows you to make some of the form fields in entries visible only to you, the organizer. This is an excellent way to collect information that you need, but is not relevant for the judges.

The Eventex Awards 2019 entry forms have a good example of how this can be put to good use.

Here, they have a section break called SUPPORTING MATERIALS and a text field explaining what these materials will be used for. The information they collect via the subsequent fields can be used in marketing and promotional content like showcasing entries, blog posts, social media mentions, case studies, etc. In the case of the address field, they will use it to send out the trophies after the online ceremony. Obviously, this stuff won’t be relevant for members of the judging panel, so to hide this information from them, the “Make answers visible only to admin” option is checked.

With this option on, only you and the other members of your organization in Evalato can see data collected via the marked fields. It’s very useful when you need to collect certain data that has to be kept confidential. Even if you make the entries visible to the public, these particular pieces of information will still remain hidden.

P.S. Ohhh, we also added a “Country” selection field as an option for your competition’s entry forms. Hope you enjoy these small nifty Awards Management changes and as always there’s more to come from your faithful Evalato team, so stay tuned! 😉