Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are updated for GDPR

With 25 May fast approaching, everyone and their dog is talking about the GDPR. That’s normal because the new regulations affect every business that deals with customer data in one way or another, including yours! As a data processor for you, we updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to comply with the requirements.

What’s changed

We had the Privacy by Design principles in mind from the off when designing Weemss, so there wasn’t much to change really. In summary, according to the GDPR our terms and privacy policy need to be easier to read and understand what information we collect and why we collect it, so the texts are updated accordingly.

In addition to the updated texts, we’ve now added a Data Processing Agreement (DPA), which is also integrated in to our Terms of Service and acts as a written agreement between us and your organization for the processing of your customer’s data.

Nothing is changing about your events and how your information or that of your customers is being processed.

  • You are still the sole owner of the data gathered through the service, we don’t share info about your customers ever and we don’t market to them in any way!
  • By creating your registration form you set what customer data will be collected, nothing more, nothing less.
  • All data is only processed for the purpose of the service we provide to you.
  • You can export, delete data at any moment, it’s yours after all!

As a data processor for you, we are dedicated to providing a top of the line service that always complies with data laws and respects the user’s privacy. As a controller you are equally responsible for handling your customer’s data lawfully and according to all regulations, so make sure you are familiar and fully compliant with the GDPR!

You will be deemed to have agreed to these amended terms through your continued use of Weemss’ services.

Your customers and Weemss

In Weemss you can add a Terms of Service notice directly on your registration form through the Waiver field in Event settings > Registration form, where you can paste and format your terms as you wish. Make it a Required field!

Your Terms of Service should inform customers registering for your events that:

  • Weemss collects and processes their data lawfully, only for the purpose of the service we provide to both them and you.
  • Their name and email is also processed by our sub-processors, again solely for the purpose of delivering a quality service. These sub-processors are listed in the DPA so you should put them in your own Terms of Service alongside Weemss and any other companies processing data on your behalf.

You can add multiple Waiver fields for any additional opt-ins. For example, add a waiver asking the customer’s agreement to receiving promotional and special offer emails from you.

Protecting your privacy

Nobody enjoys reading monstrous Terms of Service and Privacy Policy documents. They’re a thousand pages long, full of legalese and “Somebody Else’s Problem” stuff. But if there’s anything we learned from the recent Facebook scandal, it’s that just because data privacy is a fundamental right, it should not be taken for granted. At Weemss we maintain that you and your customers deserve a service that values your data privacy, so we designed the platform with the Privacy by Design principles from the get go. You’re welcome!