An Open Thank You Letter to YOU

This July marks Weemss’ second birthday. It’s true what they say, that time flies when you’re having fun. Still, none of it would be possible without YOU!

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for us, but the way you responded to Weemss, made everything worth it. You, the event organizers, promoters, performers, event enthusiasts, keen to try a new product and give Weemss a chance to impress. So this is a thank you from the whole Weemss team for trusting us with your events. Because we know how important they are to you.


We update Weemss frequently to make it better for you guys. Here are the standout releases over the last 12 months:

Integration with 3rd party apps – the ability to connect Weemss with 500+ popular apps and services via Zapier that saves you hours of work.

Awards Management – use Weemss to create and manage your awards and online contests including registration, entry submissions, and the judging phase.

Event Ticketing with Reserved Seating – create interactive floor plans and seating charts for your events to deliver a truly premium customer experience.

In this time we also…

  • Revamped the UI (User Interface);
  • Reworked the event webpage creator
  • Redesigned event webpages created with Weemss;
  • Improved personal registration profile security for your customers;
  • Made numerous optimizations and tweaks to pretty much everything in Weemss;
  • Fixed a few bugs (the problem with software – bugs happen!).

Yeah, we kept busy. But there’s a lot more to come! We’ve got a lot of exciting features and additional services coming up.

  • Clone events
  • Mobile tickets
  • Expo Registration
  • Sell additional products
  • Registration form revamp
  • Conditional fields for the registration form
  • Event Ticketing for Repeating Events
  • Integration with Google Tag Manager

Some of these are coming up sooner than you think, others not so much. One thing is certain though – nothing gets done by just writing about it. So we’ll leave you to your events and get back to work ourselves.

Ovanes-Eventex-2016Best regards,
Ovanes Ovanessian, Co-founder of Weemss