Introducing the bigger and better Weemss – a unified event platform

Weemss will be two years old this July, yet to us it’s like the launch was yesterday. They grow up so fast, don’t they! In retrospect it’s been an excellent first two years – the software is one of the fastest-growing event solutions on the market today and its meteoric rise is a testament to the great value the service brings to event organizers. But now that the infancy stage is over this service is about to get bigger and better!


Growing into a unified event platform

The first major feature for 2016 is finally here – you can now manage your awards online with Weemss. Only it’s not really a feature it’s more like a whole new product within the original product, which lets you tailor competitions and handle processes like registrations, entry submissions, and judging more conveniently than ever.

So on top of the Event Registration and Event Ticketing you now get Awards Management as well, making it essentially three products in one. Next in line is Reserved Seating, which will allow you to create seating plans for your events and let customers pick their seats. With this in place we’ll add two more products – Expo Registration and Repeating Events, becoming a unified event platform for all your event needs! Oh, and we’ll keep improving, tweaking, and optimizing everything like we always do.


The Awards Management service in a nutshell

You can now use Weemss to manage your awards. The software provides an end-to-end online solution for your awards:

  • Setup and customize contests, competitions, award shows
  • Create your registration and entry forms
  • Add entry categories and assign them different forms
  • Easy jury member management and complete voting solution
  • Detailed statistics, reports, and voting results

Judges get to do their part via a sleek and easy to use interface that’s a joy to use, while participants get to create, edit, and submit their entries in the most convenient way possible. And it can all be done from any personal or mobile device!


Website fancified

In order to reflect these massive changes to the software, the old website had to go. As a German proverb goes: Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei (everything has an end, only the sausage has two). In its place is a bigger and better site with colors, buttons, links and everything else people love about websites.


There’s just more!

Now you can do more with Weemss. Our aim is to make Weemss the complete online solution for literally any kind of event – big and small, repeating and one-time events, awards competitions and expos, etc. With the addition of the Awards Management service we’re one step closer to that goal. But there’s no time to pat ourselves on the back, we’re getting back to work.

Get started here – enjoy the bigger and better Weemss!