Interactive Seating Charts for Your Events – The Premium Customer Experience

It goes without saying that Event Ticketing with Reserved Seating is amazing for everyone who wants to sell seats, tables, booths, or tickets for different sections. There’s plenty to be excited about if you’re organizing concerts, sporting events, theatre plays, movie screenings, operas, shows, gala dinners, etc.

  • Create floor plans and seating charts quick and easy with sections, rows of seats, tables, booths, text.
  • An interactive floor plan on your website, or if you don’t have a site – you can make one with the Weemss webpage creator!
  • Ridiculously mobile-friendly, practically on a first name basis with every personal or mobile device.
  • Dressed to impress – your customers will love the sleek and convenient interface when choosing their seats and picking the ticket option they prefer.
  • Booked seats are always kept up-to-date to make sure there aren’t any double bookings.

When creating a new event in Weemss, now you can choose the Event Ticketing with Reserved Seating option. Now you can offer your customers a truly premium experience, for a fraction of the ticket price – the Weemss fee is 2.9% per sale made.

The power to visualize

You can do much with the tools at your disposal. Here are a few examples:

  • free-draw sections;
  • draw entire rows of seats fast and easy;
  • add, remove, edit seats in your seating charts;
  • create simple or complex hall layouts;
  • adjust numbers and labels for your seating charts.

Event Ticketing with Reserved Seating is great for a wide variety of events and venues.

  • Normal to massive venues like theatres and stadiums where tickets are often sold in sections.
  • Events where you need a seating chart, so your customers can pick the ones they like best.
  • Dinners, fundraisers, and charity events where you need a layout of the tables.
  • Trade shows and exhibitions with a detailed layout of booths, stands, etc.

Don’t worry if your event doesn’t seemingly fit any of the scenarios above. Building your floor plans and seating charts is intuitive and flexible to your requirements. After all, that’s the norm nowadays and why Weemss is one of the fastest growing event platforms on the market.

Going from strength to strength

Event ticketing with Reserved Seating is a milestone in the development of Weemss and a huge step towards making it a unified solution for every type of event. But there’s more to come! We’re already working on the next two major additions to the Weemss family of products – Event Ticketing for Repeating Events and Exhibition Registration. At the same time, we’ll be adding many new features as well. To give an example, many of you guys requested the ability to clone an event and we heard you. Check it out here!

In any case, Weemss is best experienced first hand, so we’ll just let you enjoy tinkering with the new features. If you’re already registered, simply Log in and create a new Event Ticketing with Reserved Seating event. If you are not registered yet, don’t worry, it’s FREE and takes less than a minute – Get started here!