Infographic: How to Market and Promote Your Event on Social Media 2016 Edition

Planning and organizing an event is enough work without having to market it as well. When it comes time to start promoting and selling tickets, you should look to both email marketing and social media as well. Today, I’ll offer some tips you can use to better market you next event on today’s top platforms.

We’ll also look at an infographic today that will help you structure and time your posts for maximum reach.

Marketing Your Next Event on Social Media (infographic)

Simple tactics like Facebook ads work well, but you can delve deeper by remarketing to the people who left your site without purchasing a ticket. This is done quite simply by using Facebook’s custom audiences feature. It’s as simple as learning how to make a website for your event.

This is a great strategy to use because it plays into the fact that many people don’t impulse buy a ticket when they first hear about an event or conference. If you have a YouTube channel, you can also try creating a highlight reel from a past event.

Another great idea is to create visual testimonials. Instead of simply writing out what someone said about a prior event, try incorporating it into a picture that will catch a user’s eye while they’re browsing on their social platforms.

The power of social media for promoting your events is undeniable. Check out the infographic below to see how you can maximize the quality and allure of your posts on today’s top platforms. Let us know how it helps you in the comments below!


Featured image by William White licensed under CC0 1.0

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