‘Happy Woman Academy’ Success Story Or How To 2x Your Event Ticket Sales

Want to have 100% increase in your ticket sales and raise your team’s efficiency with 30%? Here’s how “Happy Woman Academy”- a national leader for women’s self-help, personal development and coaching events – did it.

Tell us more about your business?

“Happy Woman Academy” works in the field of personal development, psychology, self-help and coaching. “Happy Woman Academy” opened its doors in 2011 and since we organize around 20 events every month. Our events differ in types and sizes – from small workshops of 15 participants to big seminars of hundreds of attendees. Our mission is to provide people with knowledge about how to be happy in love and how to build harmonious relationships with their partners. Our main business goal is to expand internationally and to open offices in other countries.


What were your 3 major pain points and challenges?

Before Weemss, we faced a number of difficulties and stumble stones. We were in a desperate need to find an easy solution for our clients to register for our events. After all, our mission is to make them happy and that includes ensuring flawless experience: from the moment they click the “register” button to the moment we say goodbye to them. Weemss is our “secret weapon” to make them smile from the very start.

We also had a very hard time tracking the number of sold tickets and collecting the customers’ data we needed for the smooth organisation of the events. All that and countless other tedious tasks are already in the past, thanks to Weemss.

How did you choose your event management software?

We chose Weemss after a recommendation by a trusted digital agency we’ve worked with. And since, we couldn’t be happier with our choice.

How does Weemss integrate into your organization?

Since we organise many events on a monthly basis, we use Weemss constantly. It made our work a breeze.

It’s our marketing expert who creates the registration forms in Weemss and then integrates them into our site with one click. He loves how Weemss let him use different sales triggers and allows him to design the form with our brand colours. Then, our event organizer checks the new registrations every day, contacts people if needed and settles payments.

Weemss made everything simple and easy for the whole team: from start to end.

What are the 3 Weemss features that re-imagined the way you organize events?

Weemss completely re-imagined the way we organize events! If I have to name only 3 features that were game-changers for us, that would be:

  • The possibility of setting different ticket categories. That, together with the sale triggers and promo codes made a big difference for our ticket sales.
  • The possibility of setting different payment methods. Weemss has us covered for all scenarios: from the option for our customers to pay through the most popular local payment platform to paying through bank transfers or use a custom payment option
  • Automatic emails with instructions that the system sends to registrants. That feature alone saved us tons of time!

What are the results and outcomes you’ve achieved after you started using Weemss?

Since using Weemss, we have more clients than ever! Weemss helped us build the brand image we strived for: as top professionals in our business. Our revenue doubled! Before we had many registrations but we couldn’t contact people easily and lots of them simply didn’t pay. Now, receiving payments and communicating with our customers has become simple and fast.  Last but not least, our employees’ efficiency increased with 30%.

What would you say to other event organizers facing the same challenges as you did?

If you struggle with the same problems as us before, Weemss is your dream solution! The software is easy and simple to use, you`ll enjoy an excellent support and the once hard task of organizing an event will turn out to be a piece of cake!

See for yourself how Weemss can skyrocket your event sales and save you tons of time. Start your unlimited free trial here.